Thank You

Run/Walk Participant,
Welcome!  Thank you for your support of Holy Spirit High School and the Holy Spirit High School Fathers’ Club. 
The Spartan Virtual 5K is scheduled to take place between May 1, 2020, thru May 8, 2020, at any time of your choosing.  You can run or walk, the choice is yours.  This particular event is not about your race time. It is about getting out of the house and getting some exercise!  Don’t worry, we will post the “top 10” race times for you serious runners – just so you know where you stand.
You may run wherever is legally permissible.   The AC Boardwalk is open and empty – a great choice! 
Couple easy points:

  • You may use any phone or watch application to record your time/distance.  There are many free ones – mapmyrun, runningtracker, runkeeper, etc.  Screenshot or take a picture of your finished product and email it to  Feel free to include a sweaty selfie!!
  • Your race bib will be sent via email.  It is best printed as a 5×7 image.  You are welcome to wear it when you run.  Or at least send us your post race selfie with it!!!
  • Lastly have fun!  Enjoy your alone time outside your home.  If you have any questions, Email us! 

Keep checking for updates.  It is our brand new website, we are working on it!
Keep Active and Stay Healthy,
Holy Spirit High School Fathers’ Club